Open Source Integrated Library System
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Mailing Lists

There are two public mailing lists for people interested in Fulfillment open source library software. Browsable archives are available for these lists.

Fulfillment General Discussion List

This is the general-topic, (usually) non-technical list for the Fulfillment community -- Fulfillment users, librarians, library workers, library users, developers, fellow travelers, or people just plain curious about Fulfillment. Its traffic is currently very light. Posts will range from discussions about possible new features to quick questions about implementation.

There is no such thing as a "dumb" question or comment for the Fulfillment general list. If you're thinking the question, chances are, you're in good company. Ask, and you give other members of the Fulfillment community an opportunity to share their growing knowledge.

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Fulfillment Technical Discussion List

This list is for patches and technical discussions about Fulfillment and OpenSRF development. Messages and responses are often in the shorthand common to this culture.

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