descriptionFulfILLment Inter-Library Lending Software
last changeFri, 30 May 2014 15:23:30 +0000
2014-05-30 Bill Ericksonmore ff connector settings menu repairs master working/trim-staff-client
2014-05-30 mikerConnector Settings Editor menu fixes
2014-05-30 mikerAdd menu entry for connector settings editor
2014-05-30 mikerAdd support for an initial type_filter param to org_uni...
2014-05-30 Bill EricksonRecover patron reg for staff : b313d53
2014-05-30 Bill EricksonFF Hold => ILL Request label updates (partial side...
2014-05-30 Bill EricksonSplash page FF logo updates continued
2014-05-30 mikerUse the fulfillment logo
2014-05-30 mikerEvergreen -> FulfILLment cleanup
2014-05-30 Bill EricksonChop out visible vestiges of exiced features
2014-03-06 Bill Ericksonff: recover ncip template lost in code migration
2014-03-06 Bill Ericksonff: SQL mediated holds; bib import sql repairs
2014-02-13 Bill Ericksonmake_release cleanup and options 1.0.0
2014-02-13 Bill EricksonFF apache config updates
2014-02-12 Bill EricksonFF add ff to example opensrf.xml; disable some stuff
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonFF staff support display/toggle of holds suspend /...
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2 years ago ff-on-eg-rel_2_7
2 years ago origin/ff-on-eg-rel_2_7
3 years ago eg-26-ff-10
5 years ago 1.0
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5 years ago working/trim-staff-client