2014-02-13 Bill Ericksonmake_release cleanup and options 1.0.0
2014-02-13 Bill EricksonFF apache config updates
2014-02-12 Bill EricksonFF add ff to example opensrf.xml; disable some stuff
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonFF staff support display/toggle of holds suspend /...
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonFF additional hold mediation SQL repairs
2014-02-11 Bill EricksonFF mediated holds TPAC support
2014-02-11 Bill Ericksonhold mediation syntax repairs
2014-02-11 Mike RylanderAllow YAOUS to control ILL mediation
2014-02-10 Bill EricksonFF staff UI refers to Holds as ILL Requests
2014-02-10 Bill EricksonFF opac skinning; small logo needs work
2014-01-06 Bill Ericksonff: koha svc supports proto and port configs
2013-12-05 Bill EricksonFF field additions and repairs
2013-12-04 Bill Ericksonff: fix user name display in item status page
2013-11-25 Bill Ericksonff / item status UI receive item repair
2013-11-13 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'master' of git.evergreen-ils.org:Evergree...
2013-11-11 Remington SteedUpdate version of release notes in 2.5 docs
2013-11-08 Lebbeous Fogle... Acq: Improvements to account-matching incoming EDI...
2013-11-08 Dan WellsTPAC: Remove fixed height from 'View My List' button
2013-11-08 Dan WellsForward-port upgrade scripts from recent releases
2013-11-07 Dan WellsUpdate OpenSRF minimum version in install docs
2013-11-07 Dan WellsUpdate upgrade instructions for 2.5.0 release
2013-11-07 Dan WellsTranslation updates - newpot
2013-11-07 Dan WellsTranslation updates - po files
2013-11-07 Jeff GodinDon't auto-logout TPAC in staff client
2013-11-06 Dan WellsFix typos in 2.5 release notes
2013-11-06 Dan WellsDelete separate NEXT release notes
2013-11-06 Bill EricksonRemove manual TPAC locale applications
2013-11-06 Bill EricksonDefault per-request TPAC locale
2013-11-06 Bill Ericksonff ui / ensure lookupcomplete is set even when no data...
2013-11-06 Bill Ericksonff ui / onshelf labels
2013-11-06 Dan WellsImprove locale picker positioning
2013-11-06 Bill Ericksonff ui / column sorting and more
2013-11-05 Bill Ericksonff ui / list columns in template
2013-11-05 Bill Ericksonff ui : move to all flattener; needs more testing
2013-11-05 Bill Ericksonstaff web : net log errors
2013-11-05 Mike RylanderOnly one of these tests was valid, removing the bad one
2013-11-05 Mike RylanderLive pgTAP test for 0847, authority overlay generator...
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui : only show no-items message after initial query
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui : fetch pending holds via flattener
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui : IDL rhrr pcrud controller
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / more list repairs
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonport list code to egList
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonweb staff : list api cleanup
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff web / cleanup
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonweb staff : support minify for net.js
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / link to tpac; remove eg navbar
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / css compensate for slightly wider banner image
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / display more patron info
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / style borrower/lender pills
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui / wording improvements and i18n; show circ patron...
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonff ui : updating to latest template layout; extracting css
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonside-porting web staff base template
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonside-porting web staff template/sidebar improvements
2013-11-04 Bill Ericksonside-porting latest UI services code from web staff...
2013-11-01 Dan WellsStamping 0847: improved auth overlay generation
2013-11-01 Mike RylanderAdd indicators; Remove junk tags
2013-11-01 Mike RylanderAdd --refresh mode to completely rewrite linking
2013-11-01 Mike RylanderUse all subfield values to link authority records to...
2013-11-01 Remington SteedClean up 2.5 upgrade instructions
2013-10-30 Dan WellsStamping 0846: overlay subfield order fix
2013-10-30 Mike RylanderRespect source XML subfield order during overlay
2013-10-29 Jason StephensonStamping upgrade script for 0845: browse pivots should...
2013-10-29 Dan WellsMake browse pivot DB funcs STABLE
2013-10-29 Jason StephensonHandle Missing copy status (4) in checkin_via_barcode2...
2013-10-29 Bill Ericksonff ui : misc repairs
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff ui : on-shelf tab; push status tab right
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff ui : template i18n; cleanup
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff ui : code formatting improvements
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff and ui : fulfillment_admin perm; paging improvements
2013-10-28 Mike RylanderMake sure that # can be used in auth browse
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff ui : orientation as url component
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff ui : repair some action click handlers
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff : better default sip name extraction (confirmed...
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff : TPAC FF login
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff : tpac auth porting, part 1
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonff staff web : generate org selector by perms
2013-10-28 Bill Ericksonweb staff : env supports ad-hoc loaders; more todo
2013-10-27 Bill Ericksonweb staff : added egUser.hasPermAt()
2013-10-26 Bill Ericksonff : ui log repair for circulating items
2013-10-26 Bill Ericksonff : staff UI record upload result msg
2013-10-26 Bill Ericksonff : copy-level remote_id field not currently present
2013-10-26 Dan WellsTouch-up record detail extras display
2013-10-26 Dan WellsMatch main-content right margin to left
2013-10-26 Dan WellsTweak TPAC header layout styles
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : initial bib upload form
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : staff web UI repairs
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonweb staff : load egOrg service; we need that
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : connector sanity check org id
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : banner images
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff/angular UI initial import
2013-10-25 Bill EricksonMerge branch 'web-staff-client' into ff-as-eg-branch-ui
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : pulling connector mods from ff master
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : default hold boundary
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : initial EG perl diffs import
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : IDL changes
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonff : sql mods file repairs
2013-10-25 Bill EricksonFF : initial SQL mods file; needs testing
2013-10-25 Bill EricksonMake FF a child of Evergreen; experiment
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonweb staff : remove debug log
2013-10-25 Bill Ericksonweb staff : add charset meta