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About FulfILLment

FulfILLment joins the basic process of the scalable Evergreen library software with "connectors" to other integrated library systems creating a real-time virtual union catalog for library systems or networks implementing FulfILLment.

Evergreen was the first library software written specifically to create a scalable system that would integrate libraries across a geographically-dispersed area to provide resource sharing for the individual libraries. It was first deployed in 2006 in the Georgia PINES system. It has since been adopted in existing and in newly formed resource-sharing networks. Evergreen has proven at least two things: one is that software which encourages the creation of such networks and the resulting breaking down of information silos between libraries is an important development. Evergreen has also shown that open source development methods are able to create and sustain such a large scale system.

There are many excellent integrated library systems in the market and ones which have capabilities library users enjoy but only one is specifically designed to be consortial. This project has shown that there is way to join the useful capabilities of consortial and scalable attributes of Evergreen with connectors to disparate ILSes in order to have a truly unmediated ILL process.

This site is the home of FulfILLment and has a rich array of resources for those working and making decisions about FulfILLment. For those starting out with this project, some introductory material will help.

FulfILLment is designed to provide library users seamless access to materials owned by libraries using FullfILLment--no matter which integrated library system his or her library uses. Follow the project on the various mailing lists and in FulfILLment's documentation.

FulfILLment is open source software, freely licensed under the GNU GPL.

To to follow or contribute to the project, subscribe to one of our mailing lists or chat with us live on IRC.